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Han Mo Xuan

HM6 – Monoghraph on Wu Guanzhong

HM6 – Monoghraph on Wu Guanzhong

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At a Sotheby’s auction in 1989, Wu Guanzhong’s Gaochang Ruins was hammered at $1.87 million, setting a record for an artwork by a living Chinese painter ever sold at auction at that time. This issue features Wu, introducing his life as a painter while providing information on market trends of his work. It publishes Wu’s works in high quality, accompanied by detailed analyses on Wu’s stylistic traits and techniques. To help the reader distinguish between Wu’s genuine paintings and forgeries, we have interviewed the artist himself, who provided us with invaluable first-hand information into authentication of his works, illustrated by comparisons between his real paintings and fakes.

160 pages
28.5cm x 21cm
Chinese-English edition
ISSN: 1016-0043

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