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Han Mo Xuan

HM39 – Special Study on Zhang Daqian’s Landscape Paintings (I)

HM39 – Special Study on Zhang Daqian’s Landscape Paintings (I)

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Zhang Daqian was a rare talent and one of the most sought after artists in modern China. This issue compiles several dozens of Zhang Daqian’s masterpieces from 1959 until 1983, the year of his death. It features his renowned Panorama of Huang Shan which he completed at the age of 71, the gargantuan Land of Peach Blossoms, and Autumn Mountains, which was completed in the final year of his life. Contributing authors include Zhang’s friends and art historians Mr. Xie Zhiliu, Professor Huang Miaozi and Mr. Huang Tiancai, as well as experts Mr. Dan Guolin and Mr. Wu Hao, who reveal inside stories in the field of modern Chinese art and provide invaluable information on authenticating Zhang’s works.

160 pages
28.5cm x 21cm
Chinese-English edition
ISSN: 1016-0043

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