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Han Mo Xuan

HM3 – Monograph on Wang Jian; Su Liupeng and Su Renshan

HM3 – Monograph on Wang Jian; Su Liupeng and Su Renshan

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Known for its collection of Ming and Qing paintings and calligraphy, the Xubaizhai Collection consists of artworks representative of a wide range of styles. Its collection of masterpieces by the “Four Wangs” is undoubtedly the most distinguished part of the collection. This issue features two exquisite landscape paintings by Wang Jian – Landscape in the style of Juran and Album of Landscape Paintings in the Styles of Ancient Masters, printed in their original size and colours. This issue examines twenty pieces of Su Liupeng and Su Renshan’s representative works from the collection of the Guangzhou Art Gallery and the Art Museum of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. The continuations of the articles from previous issues, “Authentication Report on paintings in the National Palace Museum Collection” by Huang Binhong, “Essence of Model Calligraphy” by Mr. Zhang Boying and “Outline of the Pre-Qin calligraphy” by Professor Ma Kwok Kuen are also included.

160 pages
28.5cm x 21cm
Chinese-English edition
ISSN: 1016-0043

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