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Han Mo Xuan

HM27 – Special Study on Ren Bonian

HM27 – Special Study on Ren Bonian

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Ren Bonian played an important role in the recent development of Chinese art history. His paintings have greatly influenced both his contemporaries and later artists and are highly acclaimed by collectors and art historians alike. This issue features selected masterpieces by Ren Bonian from, inter alia, the Xubaizhai Collection and the Wanmei Caotang Collection, most of which printed in their original sizes. Mr. Zheng Yimei, Professor Ding Xiyuan and other experts of the field provide authoritative first-hand information on appreciating Ren’s art. Also included is an auction report of Ren’s works.

160 pages
28.5cm x 21cm
Chinese-English edition
ISSN: 1016-0043

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