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Han Mo Xuan

HM23 – Special Study on Orchid Paintings

HM23 – Special Study on Orchid Paintings

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This issue features famous orchid paintings from Southern Song (1127–1279) onwards, including Lan Ying’s Orchids, Bamboo and Rock from the Xubaizhai Collection and Wen Zhengming’s Ink Orchids from Mr. Weng Wange’s collection (great-grandson of Qing imperial tutor Weng Tonghe). Articles from this issue discuss Chinese traditional orchid paintings, works by various masters, as well as decorative orchid motifs in the palace and on stationery items. Also included are a demonstration of painting orchids and a report of auction results of orchid paintings by various masters.

160 pages
28.5cm x 21cm
Chinese-English edition
ISSN: 1016-0043

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