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Han Mo Xuan

C12 Zhang Ruitu – ‘Thousand-Character Essay’

C12 Zhang Ruitu – ‘Thousand-Character Essay’

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Zhang Rui figure book good painting, calligraphy Qi Yi, Yu Zhong Yao, Wang Xizhi, but have to have Zhang Xu, Huai Su, Sun Guoting rhyme flow, after the school had Su. Shang Ming Dynasty calligraphy competition and lovely, Jui Li Jiao Figure habits, independence, said air-bone. Trespassing Kai, line, grass, steep vertical strokes hard put, humble wild crazy strange guitar body, canine staggered layout, imposing aspect sharp, indeed odd and escape. The collection received Jui map “cursive Thousand Character Classic” volume, strokes and heavy multi-pen with rounded center channel, HELPMANN less steep trend; turning point and more mildly, less side Feng Yan pen; still see the handsome guitar body singular beauty, wild but not lost in the grotesque, Zhang Rui books wind shift period is important works. After the book has a single head of the Shanghai Museum painting States lin review articles, Jui figure with India and so on.

80 pages
28.5cm x 21cm
Chinese-English edition
ISBN-13: 978-962-7530-46-6 ISBN-10: 962-7530-46-8

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